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World market leader in high-pressure cleaners.

Kärcher high-pressure cleaners fulfill every demand and are used in the widest variety of fields. In agriculture, crafts and trades, industry, or municipalities – we are in our element wherever large areas must be cleaned daily.

Cold water high-pressure cleaners

Clean machines, vehicles and buildings daily with high pressure and a high flow rate. Cold water high-pressure cleaners remove even stubborn dirt and are Ideal for large areas.

Hot water high-pressure cleaners

High pressure cleaners clean even better with hot water at the same amount of pressure. Kärcher machines are convenient to use, and feature state-of-the-art technology.

Stationary High Pressure Cleaners

Kärcher stationary high-pressure cleaners are suitable wherever it is necessary to clean and disinfect several areas in a space-saving manner.

HDS super class pressure washer

HDS super class                      HDS middle class                     HDS compact class

HDS hot water cleaner
HDS compact cleaner
cold water high pressure cleaner

HD super class                      HD middle class                     HD compact class

HD compact class pressure cleaner
stationary pressure cleaner
statioanary pressure washers
wet and dry vacuum cleaners

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners – all-purpose allrounders.

Indispensible: wet and dry vacuum cleaners can take on all types of dirt regardless of whether it is indoors or outdoors, dry, damp, or liquid.

                               NT Series Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners.

HDC pressure cleaner
HDC classic pressure cleaner
Industrial vacuum cleaners
industrial vacuum cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners – equipped for every application.

High suction power for all your industrial cleaning needs: With the properly equipped Kärcher wet and dry vacuum cleaner, you can vacuum fluids and combustible dust on industrial premises.

IVC Vacuums

Upright carpet vacuum cleaners with electric brush

Kärcher upright carpet vacuums combine high suction power with an electrically driven brush. This is the ideal way to remove stubborn dirt particles from carpet fibres.

dry upright vacuum cleaners
sweepers ride-on

Ride-on vacuum sweepers – professionals on every surface.

Economical, clean and efficient on medium-sized and large surfaces: The diverse variants of Kärcher ride-on vacuum sweepers allow them to meet every demand.

scrubber driers

Compact scrubber dryers – small and powerful.

Easy to move and simple to use: these scrubber dryers are ideal for use on medium and large hard surfaces: for brilliant results.

upright scrubber
out front scrubber
trolley scrubbers
munincipal implement carriers

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